Once you have had a tree cut down you will be left with the stump. Tree stumps can be a nuisance, especially in the lawn. You cannot mow close to them and so grass will grow up around them and look unsightly. If the stump is close to the ground it will be a tripping hazard and you may end up breaking a blade off your mower trying to keep the grass down around it. Stump grinding is the solution to the problem of stumps in the lawn.

It will very likely be impossible to remove the stump by digging it out because stumps have large roots attached to them that may have grown for metres in any or all directions. Apart from that, digging around a stump is extremely hard work. The best idea is to grind the stump down so that it is several centimetres below ground level. You can then spread soil and grass seed over the hole and grow a lawn over the top of the stump. It will no longer be visible and unsightly. The only trouble is that you need to have a stump grinder.

It does not take long for our professionals to remove a tree stump with the stump grinding process. The mechanical grinder takes all the hard work out of the job and you will soon find that the stump you have been tripping over is gone. And you can keep those wood chips to make mulch on the garden with if you want to, or we can take them away for you.

Servicing all Melbourne Suburbs

Servicing all Melbourne Suburbs

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Trained professionals can remove a tree piece by piece so that it cannot fall and damage anything nearby. If you need to have a tree removed, contact us to come and look at it first so that you and your property will be safe.


Trimming the hedge will make it grow thicker. If it is not trimmed properly all that top growth will mean that the middle growth is not thick so it will not look very attractive, nor will it give privacy. Not all hedges need to be trimmed often.


Tree pruning can often prevent many problems as well as making your tree more appealing. Trees that are pruned will sprout many leafier branches down low so that they cast shade on the lawn that you can sit in on a hot day.