The decision to remove a tree from your property can become quite stressful. There are various factors to take into consideration to ensure you are making the right decision. A tree removal professional should be contacted if you suspect your tree may need to be removed. It is always best to seek advice and discuss your option from a professionally trained arborist.

Oz Tree Services have successfully removed trees all over Melbourne. In our experience it is nearly always two main reasons that results in the tree being removed. First being a dead or dying tree caused by disease, second is the tree is causing an obstruction that can not be rectified through tree pruning.

Oz Tree Services were initially called to this property in Altona to lop only part of the tree. Tree lopping is the removal of damaged or unwanted branches. However upon inspection I discovered the tree was in fact dead, very weak, diseased, and posed a very dangerous risk. Unfortunately this can be very common with trees all over Melbourne. Tree removal is nearly always a last resort, however given the extent of the disease through out the entire tree, and the potential risk of infecting the surrounding trees it was necessary and unavoidable to remove the tree.

This tree located in Altona was removed by “felling” and when using this technique safety is paramount. The entire area in the drop zone was completely cleared, allowing a sufficient amount of space, eliminating any damage to the property and surrounding areas. Once the tree had been successfully removed, stump removal will be required to prevent further disease and dangerous risks.

The infested disease had left this tree very weak and brittle. I have no doubt in my mind if Oz Tree Services did not attend to this tree and have it removed, it most certainly would have only been a matter of time before this would become a very dangerous safety risk.