Trees are a real asset to the garden or the cityscape as they provide shade and make the air cooler and fresher. However, sometimes they become a danger due to disease or old age and need to be cut down. If you suspect that the trees in your garden are diseased or dangerous for some reason, make sure you have tree assessments done sooner rather than later. Fallen trees can cost a great deal in terms of home repair and injury. It is even possible that litigation could result from your tree falling over someone else’s home.

You will need to call in a trained professional to have trees assessed for disease or old age as both conditions can exist without any obvious signs. Often a tree will look healthy, but one branch can bear a disease that will cause it to come crashing down unexpectedly. Sometimes a branch can sustain an injury of some kind that allows the disease to get in; other times grubs can eat holes in the wood and it can rot over time. If the branch is high up, no one can tell that this is happening.

Contact us if you suspect that one of your trees is going to cause a problem. Our tree doctor can view the tree from the ground and often see signs of disease or aging, but often we need to climb up into the tree to investigate. We may use a ladder or a cherry picker to carry out tree assessments.

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