When removing a tree it is imperative to have the stump professionally removed. Unfortunately many people chose not to have the stump removed, not wanting to incur extra costs. However many problems can arise by leaving the stump unattended at ground level. Apart from the fact that a stump left in your garden can be dangerous it is also aesthetically very un appealing. A stump left can be an excellent breeding ground for unwanted pests and various diseases. In the result of termites it can infest your home leaving you thousands of dollars out of pocket.

If you chose to not have the stump removed it will also prevent you from planting new trees in the surrounding area. Trees that have been removed while the stump remains will of course over time begin new growth. Although the tree has been successfully removed the root system will continue to grow, this could in fact lead to the spread of disease to healthy trees and shrubs located in close proximity to the stump. It is also known that the continually growing root system can cause extensive damage to foundations, sewer pipes, and water pipes.

This being said ignoring the removal of the stump could effectively cost you a lot more in the long run.

Stump removal is performed by a professional Arborist. It is the process of removing the complete stump that remains once a tree has been removed or in the event a tree has fallen. The use of specialised stump grinding machinery and a well trained Arborist make this possible for the stump removal process to be efficient.