Mulching is the time honoured way of saving water and improving your garden soil naturally. Nature does it automatically as leaves drop and grasses die off, but in the garden this process has traditionally been stopped as gardeners like to see cleared earth all dug up and looking fresh and new. The only trouble is that it needs a lot of water to prevent it from drying out and to keep those plants growing. Once you start to mulch the garden this problem will be solved and so will the weed problem, to a great degree.

You can use many different materials for mulching; cut grass and weeds without seeds, wood chips and even gravel. It should be noted that mulch is not the same as compost, which is dug into the soil to give nutrients to the plants and improve the soil. Mulch can be made up from organic or non-organic materials. Pebbles are non organic, while anything that was once growing is organic. Mulch such as lawn clippings and straw will rot down fairly quickly and need to be replaced. Wood chips will rot down, but the process takes a lot longer. Meanwhile they do the job of protecting the soil from erosion, drying out and weed growth.

Gardeners these days are starting to realise the value of mulching their gardens, especially during dry times. You can purchase mulch of various kinds and also make your own from lawn clippings, pruning and fallen leaves. Contact us for more information.

Mulch can be delivered to Melbourne’s north and west suburbs – contact us for availability.

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